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Pennsylvania CDL Drivers Beware-Traffic Violations, even small ones, can lead to loss of license

Small traffic violations can be hazardous to your livelihood.  If you have a Pennsylvania commercial drivers license(CDL) you can lose your license for 60 days or more when you plead guilty to 2 minor traffic violations within a 3 year period.   Offenses like improper lane change, following too closely, no-passing zones, using a cel phone or texting while driving and a host of other infractions.   Never plead guilty without talking to a lawyer first.

Just the other day, I was contacted by a CDL driver who pled guilty to improper lane change in another state.  He was shocked to receive a notice from PennDot that he couldn't drive his truck for 60 days.  It turns out that he had another similar offense within 3 years.  

If he had contacted a good traffic lawyer before pleading guilty his charge would probably have been reduced so he would not face the 60 day penalty.  The key to these matters is getting a lawyer involved from the very beginning.

There are other traffic violations that lead to a 1 year disqualification/suspension of your cdl license.  These include driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance and leaving the scene of an accident(even if there are no injuries). 

In two recent matters I was able to help out out of state cdl drivers who pled guilty to leaving the scene of an accident by quickly appealing their guilty plea and working with them to get their license reinstated in their  home state.  

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