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Three expenses that should be covered by child support

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2018 | Firm News |

Getting divorced is never easy, but it is often even more difficult when you have kids in the equation. Separating your finances is one thing, but calculating the financial implications of children is yet another challenge that you must wrangle with. Fortunately, arranging child support provides a solution to this problem and allows a non-custodial parent to continue supporting her or his child.

According to the United States Census, the average child support payment is $430 per month, and you may be wondering what exactly this is supposed to cover. Child support payments are intended to cover the general expenses of raising a kid, including the following common costs parents encounter:

Medical expenses

Kids incur some substantial medical costs, and it can be burdensome for one parent to foot this bill on his or her own. Whether your child is simply getting regular check-ups or has a condition that requires more intensive care and treatment, both parents should be financially responsible for these expenses. Child support payments are calculated to account for such medical expenses.

Cost of education

Education is another major expense that parents must be prepared for. Whether your child is attending public or private school, there will be costs associated with books, materials and other necessities that you must pay for to facilitate learning. Additional school-related activities often cost extra, but child support can cover them. Child support may be higher for kids who attend schools that charge tuition. 

Food and nutrition

A child’s most basic needs are covered by child support payments, too. This includes the food and nutrition that they might need. Child support should be sufficient to cover a portion of the food that your child needs as well as any other unique nutritional needs. Payments should be enough that children are afforded healthy, quality food that is nourishing and beneficial.