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Are You Divorcing And Have Minor Children? We Can Help.

Divorce, in and of itself, is an emotionally trying experience. It not only involves you and your spouse, but often lawyers, judges and other parties who are not emotionally tied to the situation like you are. Divorce with children makes this process even more challenging.

At Thomas & Thomas Attorneys At Law, we have 30 years of experience representing divorcing spouses in Pennsylvania. We have extensive knowledge of the divorce laws that involves children, including child support and custody issues. We can use our experience and knowledge to ensure that your concerns are addressed and handled in an efficient manner.

We are committed to strongly advocating for you while protecting the best interests of your children.

Divorce With Children: The Best Interests Of The Child Standard

When you file for divorce, the courts will look to ensure that any issue involving your children will follow the best interests of the child standard. This standard looks at numerous factors, including the relationship of the children with both parents, the emotional and physical needs of the children, and the ability of the parents to properly care for all the needs of their children. This standard is applied to all issues, ranging from initial child custody and visitation orders through to relocation requests and modification or enforcement issues.

Creating Exit Strategies To Use While Waiting For A Court Order

A common issue that arises during many divorces is that married couples do not know how to deal with issues that arise while they are waiting for the court to issue its order. Common issues involve:

  • Who stays in the family home with the kids?
  • How do we split time with our kids?
  • Who pays for child-related expenses, including health care and child care?

Our family law attorneys are skilled at developing creative strategies that can help you effectively handle this adjustment period to ensure that your children get the best care and attention they deserve during your divorce.

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