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What to do about a denied SSD claim

It is more than disappointing when you are eligible for Social Security benefits but the government claims you are not. Denials happen for various reasons, with a common one being making mistakes on the application. 

A denial of the financial assistance you need can make you feel hopeless and anxious. However, it is not the end of your case; it just means you will have to take further action to secure benefits.

Three expenses that should be covered by child support

Getting divorced is never easy, but it is often even more difficult when you have kids in the equation. Separating your finances is one thing, but calculating the financial implications of children is yet another challenge that you must wrangle with. Fortunately, arranging child support provides a solution to this problem and allows a non-custodial parent to continue supporting her or his child.

According to the United States Census, the average child support payment is $430 per month, and you may be wondering what exactly this is supposed to cover. Child support payments are intended to cover the general expenses of raising a kid, including the following common costs parents encounter:

Pennsylvania CDL Drivers Beware-Traffic Violations, even small ones, can lead to loss of license

Small traffic violations can be hazardous to your livelihood.  If you have a Pennsylvania commercial drivers license(CDL) you can lose your license for 60 days or more when you plead guilty to 2 minor traffic violations within a 3 year period.   Offenses like improper lane change, following too closely, no-passing zones, using a cel phone or texting while driving and a host of other infractions.   Never plead guilty without talking to a lawyer first.

What are my Miranda rights?

If you ever face a situation where a Pennsylvania law enforcement officer seeks to question you about a criminal matter, you need to know about your Miranda rights. You have these rights because of the landmark 1966 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Miranda v. Arizona. Ever since then, law enforcement officers have been required to give the Miranda warning to anyone they arrest.

You may be somewhat familiar with the Miranda warning because it is a staple of movies and TV series about crime and punishment. Basically, the Miranda warning goes like this:

  • You have the right to remain silent.
  • Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
  • You have the right to an attorney.
  • If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.

Divorce presents unique property concerns for older couples

You and your spouse may have spent decades together, but now you have decided to go your separate ways. Divorce among seniors is not as unusual as it once was, but it still carries a measure of uncertainty that younger people do not face.

Financial security is a concern for seniors as they look to the future, and the division of property during the divorce takes on considerable significance.

Regarding disability, how is SSI different from SSDI?

After receiving a diagnosis of a serious condition, you may be eligible to receive some financial assistance from the U.S. government.

You may have heard of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). These programs sound similar, but what are the differences between them?

Dangers of an underage DUI

The rate of alcohol-related car crashes in Pennsylvania has slowly declined. In 2012, nearly 12,000 injuries took place as a result of drunk driving. In 2015, that number was around 10,500. That information comes from the Pennsylvania DUI Association.

Jail time, fines and additional consequences exist for adults charged with a DUI. For teenagers, even more dangers are present. There is a zero tolerance policy for anyone under the age of 21 who drinks and drives. Even if a teen only has a blood alcohol content level of 0.01, he or she still faces severe consequences in addition to the risk of injury or death. 

What may be going through your child’s mind as you divorce

The good news first: Many children get through their parents’ divorce just fine. In fact, some are better off for it, as they do not have to watch their parents silently or vocally resent each other every day.

Now for the bad news: Even those children who do brilliantly later often have struggles during the divorce process itself. Here is an overview of a couple of things that may be weighing on your child’s mind.

Factors that might impact the accuracy of a breath test

Getting pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving can be a harrowing experience, especially if the law enforcement official who does so decides to administer a breath test. Breath tests are given using a device called a breathalyzer, which is intended to give authorities an idea of your level of impairment by reading the amount of alcohol in your body. While breathalyzers, if used and administered properly, are highly accurate, they are not foolproof, and if they are not properly maintained and tested for accuracy, the results they produce may be invalid.

Your breath test results may not be accurate if:

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