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Helping Drivers Keep Their Licenses And Careers

For commercial drivers, a moving violation or other traffic violation can mean your career is at stake. At Thomas & Thomas Attorneys At Law, we know how much your career means to you. Because your financial security rests on the ability to drive, it is vital you protect your rights when faced with a license suspension or revocation due to traffic violations.

It is pleading guilty to pay a traffic ticket. Do not pay any ticket until you speak with a lawyer. You should understand the full impact a ticket can have on your license. Too often, drivers pay the fine without realizing they are putting their license, and career, at risk. Call us at 800-248-3217 to schedule an appointment. We offer same-day appointments when possible.

We Can Help

At our law office, we can walk you through the various options and consequences associated with your alleged moving violation. A veteran trial attorney, Bruce Thomas knows how to fight against traffic violations charges. He is also a local attorney who worked for many years in the Pennsylvania district attorney’s office. Mr. Thomas has a thorough knowledge of the law and how a license violation can impact your career. He also knows how to negotiate with prosecutors to minimize the damage to your career and family.

Helping Out-Of-State Drivers

Pennsylvania aggressively enforces traffic laws in the state. Many out-of-town truckers believe that a moving violation from Pennsylvania may not mean much to their license. This is not the case. A moving violation in another state can affect your license in your home state. If you need to contest a traffic offense in Pennsylvania, call our office to discuss your options.

Get A Former Pennsylvania DA Office Attorney Working For You

For experienced legal help in combating your moving violation and to discuss your options, call Thomas & Thomas Attorneys At Law, at 800-248-3217 or reach us online here. We offer free, thorough initial consultations at our Easton office.