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Social Security Disability & SSI Appeals

Applying for Social Security benefits can be confusing and time consuming, and the result is often discouraging. Unfortunately, many legitimate claims for Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are initially denied. If your benefits claim has been denied, don’t give up. We are ready to help you.

At Thomas & Thomas Attorneys At Law, we have helped many clients obtain Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits. We have been practicing in this area of law since 1987, so we know firsthand how to handle the complex and sometimes confusing process of SSD and SSI appeals. We will guide you through the process and support you at every step.

Since 1987, Social Security Disability benefits lawyer Carla J. Thomas has handled hundreds of claims. She has the experience, knowledge and dedication to help clients successfully appeal their legitimate claims for SSD or SSI benefits. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Appealing Your Denied Social Security Disability Or SSI Claim

The process of applying for SSD or SSI benefits and appealing a denied claim can be challenging, and success often depends on how well you understand the requirements and the quality of evidence presented in the application.

If there were gaps in the medical evidence submitted with your original application to the Social Security Administration, we can request a hearing to allow us to fill in those gaps. We may consult with your medical care providers, who can reassess your medical condition or obtain medical opinions about your disability.

We will work closely with you to fully understand your situation and build a record to support it. We can obtain your medical records, statements from your doctor, former employers, caregivers, neighbors and others, financial records and any other evidence necessary to demonstrate your level of disability and eligibility for benefits.

This is a complex area of law that depends on strict compliance with a set of very specific government guidelines. We are committed to devoting all the time and resources necessary to prepare an effective SSD or SSI appeal.

We accept SSDI claims on a contingency basis — you will owe us no attorney fee unless we recover compensation for you. Contact Thomas & Thomas Attorneys At Law by calling 800-248-3217 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our law office is conveniently located across the street from the Northampton County Courthouse.