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Since 1987, the trial lawyers of Thomas & Thomas Attorneys At Law, have worked with divorcing clients in a broad range of situations. Just as each couple’s situation is unique, the process of marital asset division can involve unique challenges. Our Easton property division lawyers have helped divorcing couples value and divide simple and complex assets and debts. We work closely with our clients to set clear goals and protect their interests at every step.

Dividing Marital Assets And Debts During Divorce

Most people acquire both assets and liabilities during marriage. Typical assets include a home, other real estate holdings, business assets, investments, retirement/employment-related benefits, bank accounts, motor vehicles and valuable personal property. Typical debts include a mortgage, home equity loan or line of credit, credit card debt and car loans.

Under Pennsylvania law, a divorcing couple’s property is to be divided “equitably.” Generally speaking, marital assets and debts are divided up equally by the parties upon divorce. There are many exceptions to this rule so it is not hard and fast depending upon your unique circumstances. For example, credit card debt that is accumulated during the marriage unbeknownst to the other party (such as for gambling or extramarital affairs) can be the exclusive responsibility of the party who incurs the debt.

Understanding what the assets and debts are and how they fit into a divorce matter can be complicated and requires an experienced lawyer to carefully review these issues in detail with you to assure that you get the best possible result through negotiation or litigation.

We Have The Experience To Handle All Property Division Issues

We have a great deal of experience working with high-asset clients, and we can assist you in dividing virtually any type of property, including:

  • Pension plans
  • Retirement plans
  • 401(k) accounts and stock portfolios
  • Real estate, including second homes and cabins
  • Professional practices and family-owned businesses
  • Government benefits divided via QDRO

Our property division lawyers are tough negotiators who will carefully prepare your case to accomplish your marital property division in a way that best maximizes your goals and protects your interests.

We Can Help You Find Hidden Assets

In high-conflict divorces, clients often fear their estranged spouse may have hidden income or joint assets that should be accounted for during the division of their property. We have extensive experience working with experts, including business valuation experts, pension valuators and forensic accountants, to protect your investments and assets during and after a divorce proceeding.

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