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Does your child have a say in which parent to live with?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Blog, Family Law |

When divorce between you and your partner is imminent, child custody is likely the biggest concern for everyone involved. There is a very real chance that your child already has a preference for which parent to live with after the split.

Your child has a very limited say when it comes to discussing custody in a legal setting. By reading further on child custody policies, you can learn about your options for determining where your child will live after a divorce and how their wishes factor into the decision.

Parents can consider child input

One method for determining custody is by private agreement between the two parents. When discussing a custody arrangement with your co-parent, you may find it suitable to consider your child’s input on where they would like to live after the finalization of the divorce. In the event that you are already engaged in disputes with your spouse, such as with problems that arise during asset division, you may require the mediation of a court to determine child custody.

Courts may make an impartial decision

When parents cannot come to a personal agreement on child custody matters, the court will intervene for the child’s best interests. Pennsylvania is not among the states which require a judge to consider a child’s custody preference. It is therefore unlikely that your child will have a say in determining who they will live with following your Pennsylvania divorce case.

Child custody is a sensitive matter for families facing an impending divorce. A family law attorney can help navigate your options throughout divorce proceedings so that you can strive for a fair settlement.