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3 benefits of a highly structured parenting plan

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Family Law |

Taking care of your kids after your divorce can be challenging in the beginning. But creating a parenting plan can make your work more manageable. However, such plans differ with cases. While some divorcing parents prefer a basic one and make other decisions with time, others gravitate towards a highly structured one. 

This guide discusses why you should consider the latter.

1. There’s no room for misunderstanding

A structured parenting plan includes every detail concerning raising the kids. Parents can only make decisions outside it during emergencies, which, in itself, may have procedures for approaching it included. Thus, provided the parents follow the agreement, a detailed plan has no room for misunderstanding, which can be common when making decisions as time goes by.

2. It makes work more manageable

A highly structured plan details everything, including when one should pick up the kids and how the parents will exchange them during holidays or vacations. This can make work more manageable since each party knows what to do. Calling each other to plan pick-ups and drop-offs at the last minute can be stressful.

3. It’s perfect for parents who live in different neighborhoods

A basic parenting plan can work for parents who live near each other. However, those who live in different areas or even farther should have a highly structured plan. This is because a simple change or an impromptu decision can significantly burden a party.

Can someone breach a detailed plan?

A structured plan only works if both parties respect it. Despite including all the details, a difficult co-parent may still breach it. You should consider creating a highly structured plan to enjoy the benefits discussed above. If the other parent violates it, you should get legal guidance to protect your kids.