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3 ways to reconcile after a divorce

On Behalf of | May 11, 2023 | Family Law |

Divorce can negatively impact a couple’s relationship, especially if it involves conflicts. While it’s possible to live happily without your ex-spouse, at times, they may remain in your life. For instance, if children are involved, or you chose to continue co-owning your business. In such situations, you may need to reconcile after the divorce.

Here are three ways to do this.

Have boundaries

If you and your ex-spouse want to improve your relationship to benefit your kids or the business, you need boundaries. You should be clear about the reason for the reconciliation and how your relationship will look going forward. You can be on the same page without treating each other as spouses. Essentially, both of you need to understand you are just friends.

Use a written plan

If you have kids, the chances are you drafted a parenting plan. You should follow it strictly to avoid misunderstandings that can affect your reconciliation. If you are reconciling for business purposes, have a written agreement on how to operate effectively.

Take your time

Rebuilding a relationship after a divorce is not easy. For starters, someone who was your spouse is now a friend. Your mind may have a hard time contemplating and accepting this new spectrum. 

Further, if they acted differently from what you expected during the divorce, it may be challenging to view them as otherwise. Thus, it can take time to be comfortable around them. But it’s possible with support and understanding of the bigger picture (giving your kids the best and protecting the business).

The tips discussed above should help you establish and improve your relationship with your ex-spouse. If they act contrary to the parenting plan or any other agreement, consider your options to protect your interests.