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Is divorce different today?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Family Law |

Divorce can be a challenging process for many people. In 2021, 70,221 marriages and 31,691 divorces and annulments were recorded in Pennsylvania. The chances are the thousands of people who went through divorces had a difficult time. While the challenging reality may have been people’s experiences for years, divorce has evolved with time.

This guide discusses how divorce is different today.

It’s becoming more accepted

Gone are the days when divorce was a significant deal. Society could view people going through it differently, from a negative aspect. This made people stay for years in marriages that didn’t work to avoid this stigma. But this has changed over the years. 

Divorce is becoming more accepted. It’s still a crucial matter, but people going through it have a lot of support and are no longer made to feel like they made a mistake.

The no-fault divorce option is available

Couples in the early years were required to give reasons for filing for a divorce. This usually led to the fabrication of wrongdoings and conflicts. Fortunately, today, couples can file for a no-fault divorce – they don’t need to have grounds. In Pennsylvania, spouses can divorce by mutual consent, stating the marriage is irretrievably broken.

Information is readily available

With the advancement of technology, information about divorce and the divorce process is readily available on the internet. Couples can get the information they need sooner and, in turn, make informed decisions. This is different from years back when people had to physically visit attorneys and government offices to obtain information.

Divorce has changed and is expected to continue doing so. If you are going through one, it will help to learn more about your case to make the right moves.