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Tips for telling your spouse you want a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2024 | Family Law |

You know that you would like to get a divorce. You’ve been thinking about it for months. You have already made your decision, and it’s just time to break the news to your spouse.

They may have no idea it’s coming. They may be well aware that the marriage is ending. It depends on the specifics of the situation. Either way, though, these tips can help the conversation go well.

Consider your schedule

First of all, think about how long this conversation will take. Don’t do it when you have to go to work or when you’re rushing out the door. Only do it when you have time to sit down with your spouse and have a meaningful conversation, answering questions and getting the process underway.

Avoid other stressors

If you’re trying to find the right moment, consider other outside influences or stressors. Maybe your spouse has a big project at work. Maybe a child’s birthday is coming up. It’s best to start talking about the divorce when there isn’t much else going on so that you can both focus on it exclusively.

Don’t do it emotionally

One thing you certainly want to avoid is suddenly telling your spouse that you want to get divorced in the heat of the moment. Maybe the two of you are having a disagreement or an argument. If you tell them in this type of emotional environment, it is likely to make the divorce much more complicated and contentious.

After you tell your spouse that you’d like to end the marriage, it’s time to begin looking into the legal steps you’ll need to take to do so.